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The crowd at this past Saturday’s show deserves a big shout out. We had a really awesome time and it was all thanks to you guys! I know you’ve heard that before but allow me to explain.

I’m sure not everyone was aware of what was going on behind the scenes at the show this weekend, but the long and short of it was that the owner of the venue was trying to screw Rude Zombie out of an awesome cd release show. He wanted to cut two bands and double the price of the show that had been advertised for weeks both online and at the venue. So as you can imagine the show was off to a rocky start.

By the time we took the stage it had been a pretty rough night, but I feel like with your guys’ help that turned around some. There have been nights we’ve played our hearts out to crowds who (for whatever reason) refused to let themselves have a good time. You guys enjoyed yourselves and, in turn, made the night enjoyable for us. Not only that, it elevated the entire mood of the night so that when Rude Zombie took the stage, they killed it and had the cd release show they really deserved to have. I mean, where’s the value in being negative when there is so much to be positive about? You just have to shake off the former and find the latter, which you helped us do.

So thank you to those of you who shouted and sang along, cheered, yelled for me to take my shirt off (still scratching my head about that one), and especially to people like Josh and Ellie, and Gretchen and Abby who came up and talked to us after the show. We love live shows because they allow us to meet and connect with people and we got to do both of those this past weekend. So THANK YOU! We love all of you and we hope you’ll come out to see us again soon!

(If you were at the show, feel free to leave some comments about the show and what you thought!)

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