Photo Fail Contest!!!

3 Oct 2011 by samsthehero, Comments Off on Photo Fail Contest!!!

Okay, guys so I have something exciting to announce! We here at Sam’s the Hero, Inc. have been kicking around the idea of a “nega-contest” of sorts. First, some backstory:

Once upon a time there was a band of attractive fellows who went by the name of Sam’s the Hero. People would come from far and wide to enjoy their musical revelry and to gaze upon their countenance. However, something very strange happened when said people attempted to record these times for posterity. People quickly realized that, though these handsome bards were quite pleasing to the eye in person, any attempts to visually document this fact ended horribly. Almost as if under a curse, the faces would seem distorted, stretched, or otherwise disfigured. To this day, no one has been able to explain this terrible phenomenon.

Okay so long, dumb story short, we take really ugly pictures at shows. Me specifically, though I’ve seen some pretty gnarly ones of JP and Qwerty, too. So the way the contest works is like this: you guys post any pictures of us you take at shows where we’re making ugly, awkward, or amusing faces. You can post them on twitter (@samsthehero), our facebook (, or you can email them to We’ll look through them, choose the absolute worst one and post them here for the world to see!

Appropriately enough, the honor of being the first person to have their picture posted goes to our friend Alicia. It’s appropriate because out of everyone we know, she has probably taken the most ugly pictures of us. She’s actually a very good photographer but we are apparently a hopeless case. Here’s a whole collage of pictures she got of me from our show this Saturday night:



We love you guys and stay tuned for some upcoming show announcements and recording updates!

Sam’s the Hero

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