1 May

This Round’s On Us!

Of updates!

So summer is coming up which means shows! I’ve just posted a few to the shows page for you guys and there will be more announced as soon as they’re a little more finalized.

There’s been a lot going on with us lately! In our last update we announced that our very own Corey McCook was a husband! Now we can announce that he is also a dad! We are super happy for him! Obviously, there will be a lot of challenges involved in balancing a new family so we don’t have any real updates for you guys as far as writing/recording. But no one’s really surprised by that at all, right?

Best way to get info on that or anything else out of us is to come out and see us at one of the upcoming shows and hang out with us! Ask Corey how he’s liking fatherhood, ask JP how many trips he makes to Dunkin Donuts each week, and ask Jeff about the time he pee’ed his pants on stage that time! See you guys there!

12 Nov


Hey, all! Long time no post!

Just wanted to update you guys on what’s been going on with us the past few months! First and most exciting, our very own Corey McCook just got married last weekend! So make sure you guys give him some love when you see him! Second, after a heavy few months of shows we decided to take the month of October off but we’re back at it with some awesome winter shows so make sure you check out our shows page and come out and see us! Lastly, for the many of you who have asked, we are still making slow but steady recording progress and, most importantly, are super excited about the result. We’ll have more news on that front for you all before the year’s end! Stoooooked!


19 Dec

Time Off

What does Sam’s the Hero get themselves into when they have to much time not practicing, recording, or playing shows?

7 Nov

Someday, Someday, Someday!

Okay, so obviously Hurricane Apocolypse DID happen and sadly we had to cancel the show. However, we’re working getting another scheduled so we can rock out together again soon!

Just keep an eye out here, our twitter, and possibly even our facebook page to find out where we’ll be next!

26 Oct

Sunday Sunday Sunday!!!

Come to Chicho’s in Chesapeake this Sunday (hurricane apocalypse permitting) to see Sam’s the Hero with I Time Bomb and our good friends Count to Four all the way from Jersey! Details on the shows page.

28 Jun

Sam’s the Hero with Audiostrobelight

Hey, friends!

I just wanted to write a little bit about our show tomorrow night. Our great friends Audiostrobelight are kicking off their summer with an incredible show down at the beach, and also saying goodbye to Pat who will be parting ways with the band. This is going to be a show you guys aren’t going to want to miss. The bands on this show are honestly some of the best in Hampton Roads and you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. We really hope you’ll come start off your summer right with some good times and great music. The details are on our our shows page.

Now, we understanding shows at the beach can sometimes be a pain due to parking. This is, obviously, something the bands have zero control over. However, a few recommendations can hopefully ease some of that for you guys. First, carpool and make sure the person who drives has a Virginia Beach driver’s license. The municipal lots are only $2 to park after 5 pm, provided you can show a Va Beach license. So if you carpool, show up after 5 pm, and park in the 19th St municipal lot you can save yourself a good amount of money in parking fees.

Can’t wait to see you guys tomorrow night!



11 Apr

Sam’s the Hero on 96x!

Hey! What’s up, friends?

Just wanted to get on and post a little update of what we’ve been doing lately. We’re still hard at work in the studio recording but we kinda started to miss playing shows. So for a few weeks we decided to ease off the recording temporarily and get out and see you guys! There are still four or five still to come so check out our shows page for details on those!

Also we have more exciting news! 96x is starting a new show on Sunday nights featuring local music and we found out today that they’ll be playing us this Sunday during their first show! Make sure to tune in Sunday nights at 11pm and help support good quality local music!

That’s all I got for you guys right now. Thanks to all of you who’ve been coming out to see us at the shows this month. We’ve missed playing for all of you and it’s been so good to see you all! If you haven’t caught one, yet, make sure to come see us at an upcoming show before we retreat back to the studio!


18 Dec

Merry Christmas from Sam’s the Hero!

We here at Sam’s the Hero, Inc. want to wish all of our friends, fans, and family a very Merry Christmas. And what better way to do that than with free music!?

So here’s a couple of brand new Christmas tracks for you guys to enjoy! Download them, share them, make them part of your Christmas mix! Just Right-Click and “save target as” to download them (or whatever the equivalent is for you Mac folk).

We Three Kings

Away in a Manger

(Downloads taken down; check back in December)


Enjoy! – StH





1 Nov

Sam’s the Hero on Punk Never Dies, Vol I

So who wants new Sam’s the Hero music? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Well, good news! Starting today you can get our new single In the Absence of Applause FOR FREE over at  IndieVision Music. We are being featured on their free digital compilation Punk Never Dies, Vol I along with a lot of other really great bands! This is currently the only place to get a hold of our new single so go there now to download it along with new and unreleased tracks from MXPX, Dogwood, Craig’s Brother, Flatfoot 56, and Watashi Wa, as well as tracks from our friends Addison and True Liberty! All free!

Go! Go! GO!


DISCLAIMER: We’re hearing from a lot of our friends and fans that the album is taking a long time to download. There are 75 tracks split into two separate files so this is to be expected. Begin the download then go make a sandwich! Or play some Angry Birds ™! Either way, we appreciate your patience and thanks for your support!

3 Oct

Photo Fail Contest!!!

Okay, guys so I have something exciting to announce! We here at Sam’s the Hero, Inc. have been kicking around the idea of a “nega-contest” of sorts. First, some backstory:

Once upon a time there was a band of attractive fellows who went by the name of Sam’s the Hero. People would come from far and wide to enjoy their musical revelry and to gaze upon their countenance. However, something very strange happened when said people attempted to record these times for posterity. People quickly realized that, though these handsome bards were quite pleasing to the eye in person, any attempts to visually document this fact ended horribly. Almost as if under a curse, the faces would seem distorted, stretched, or otherwise disfigured. To this day, no one has been able to explain this terrible phenomenon.

Okay so long, dumb story short, we take really ugly pictures at shows. Me specifically, though I’ve seen some pretty gnarly ones of JP and Qwerty, too. So the way the contest works is like this: you guys post any pictures of us you take at shows where we’re making ugly, awkward, or amusing faces. You can post them on twitter (@samsthehero), our facebook (facebook.com/samsthehero), or you can email them to info@samsthehero.com. We’ll look through them, choose the absolute worst one and post them here for the world to see!

Appropriately enough, the honor of being the first person to have their picture posted goes to our friend Alicia. It’s appropriate because out of everyone we know, she has probably taken the most ugly pictures of us. She’s actually a very good photographer but we are apparently a hopeless case. Here’s a whole collage of pictures she got of me from our show this Saturday night:



We love you guys and stay tuned for some upcoming show announcements and recording updates!

Sam’s the Hero

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